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The MacuLogix Magnet

How the AMD Academy Will Revolutionize Training for AdaptDx Users

By Leah Jones 

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Did you ever play with magnets in school? You know, the kind that you could release on either side of your desk, and they would zoom together connect with an audible click. MacuLogix® was that magnet for me.

I instantly knew I needed to work for this company when I met with the executive team over a year ago during Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. Not only am I passionate about making positive changes in the lives of people who suffer from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), I also have very personal experience with the devastating effects of AMD. Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers suffer from the disease, and my great-grandfather was almost completely blind by the time he was in his nineties. Family history, combined with fair eyes, hair, and skin make me a poster child for the disease so it was always on my mind.  I practically hounded the company until there was a job position that fit for both of us and when an opportunity finally arose, I was thrilled to accept. The magnet finally clicked.

After nearly 3 months of working with such an inspiring and innovative company, I now have the privilege of announcing their newest revolution in learning; the AMD Academy™.

AdaptDx Training is a Constantly Evolving Beast

In order to fulfill our company’s bold vision, mission, and core values, we needed to implement the right kind of training for our partnering practices. The catch? Training itself is a constantly evolving beast. Training for medical technology like the AdaptDx can be an even bigger beast.

If I have learned anything in my 20+ years in this industry, it is that equipping staff and keeping them up-to-date on the latest is one of the most challenging and demanding jobs of any practice. Every place I have ever had the pleasure of working with has always had one request…make my job easier! Outside of living in the office and becoming one of your staff (which I actually did years ago when I trained a 3-location practice on new lens technology) how can you accomplish such a demanding and vague goal?

MacuLogix currently fulfills this goal by providing AdaptDx users with our in-person AMD Excellence Program™ to help integrate the new technology into each  office so you can achieve your practice goals seamlessly. This program has been a tremendous help but we quickly recognized the need for additional training and resources as practices grew. As offices hired more technicians, they needed resources to ensure new hires were well-equipped to manage the operation of the AdaptDx including test administration and data comparison. In addition, many clients who had already gone through our AMD Excellence Program wanted refreshers of certain lessons. Unfortunately, the logistics of travel and bandwidths of our practice consultants often limited our capacity to deliver this training in a timely and convenient manner. We soon found that in-person training just wasn’t enough so we created the online AMD Academy.

MacuLogix online AMD Academy introduction video

The AMD Academy; Revolutionizing Learning

After months of research and development, we are eager to announce the release of our MacuLogix online AMD Academy to complement our in-person AMD Excellence Program training. The AMD Academy is a powerful learning tool designed to support you by aiding in staff training and providing a community blog forum for all of you lovely technicians out there. The Academy offers short training videos designed for simple, targeted training on everything from turning on the AdaptDx, to test administration, and data comparison. Once the tutorials are complete, you receive an AdaptDx Online Training Certificate to print out and display right in your office.

The community forum is for technicians and doctors to post questions on the AdaptDx, AMD, best practices, and so much more! Posted questions on the forum are answered by our training specialists and in-house experts at MacuLogix. The best part? You can return to review resources as needed and all of the information is right in one place so you can improve your skills, ask questions, and share your best practices at your own convenience!

The AMD Academy is an innovative tool that delivers real-time solutions and training so you can achieve your practice goals better than ever before. Together, we can eliminate blindness caused by AMD. Remember, a magnet is only as good as what it attracts so attract the right type of success with our AMD Academy today.




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About the Author

Leah is a unique member of the team who has a passion for revolutionizing vision care and a wealth of experience with the personal effects of AMD. She began her career in eyecare while she attended college as a dispensing optician and pretesting technician. She also has a solid background in frame product and ophthalmic lens sales. Prior to joining MacuLogix as Director of Practice Management, she was an Implementation Specialist at BioTissue. She earned her degree in Scientific and Technical Communications at the University of Minnesota.

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