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Managing AMD Safely Using Pandemic Protocols

By Laura Walter, Manager of Customer Service with MacuLogix

We know that throughout these months of quarantine and social distancing, your patients and their eye health have remained a priority. After all, sight-stealing diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) don’t take a break, even during a global pandemic.

The “A” in AMD means that many of your patients are at high risk for infectious diseases, which can make them feel unsure about leaving their homes to obtain medical care. By implementing the recommendations below, you can continue to safely test for dark adaptation.

Keep testing – but safely

As an advocate for dark adaptation testing, you already know how important it is to follow the progression of AMD in your diagnosed patients. It’s equally important that you continue to screen patients with risk factors for AMD, typically older adults, who may have concerns about visiting an eye care provider because of the potential risks.

As you establish your new protocols, make sure to communicate these practices to your patients in order to allay their fears and get them back on the schedule.

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize

We recommend that all ‘contact points’ on the AdaptDx® tabletop device be thoroughly wiped with an alcohol pad or disinfectant cloth before each test. Disinfecting the device in front of each patient will reassure them that your staff is taking all proper precautions to protect the patient and their health. Establish a process that reminds your staff to wipe each point of patient contact on the AdaptDx:

  • Chin rest
  • Forehead rest
  • Response button

For ECPs who have ordered their AdaptDx Pro™, the same recommendations will apply – but we’ve saved you a step with our Comfort Guards™, a single-use hygienic barrier that will help alleviate concerns. The built-in timing mechanism of the device requires your staff to change the Comfort Guards in front of each patient just before their test begins – and don’t forget to wipe the response button as well! These measures will help reassure patients that you are taking appropriate measures for their health and safety.

Protect your investment

When establishing these protocols to protect your patients, it’s important to remember to care for your technology as well – so that you never have to take a break from monitoring your patients’ eye health.
When cleaning and sanitizing your AdaptDx devices, take care not to immerse any part of the response button in the cleaning solution.

If your patients choose to wear a mask while using the AdaptDx tabletop unit, it will be key to remind
your techs to carefully patch the non-test eye to ensure a complete light seal – as well as to avoid
reusing eye patches.

By following these recommendations, you can continue to advance your practice as an AMD Center of
Excellence® while prioritizing health and safety for both patients and staff. If you have any questions, you
can talk with our customer service staff by calling 888.392.6801. Our team is always happy to be a
resource for you as you continue to readjust to our world’s new normal.


Warmest regards,

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About the Author

Laura Walter earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Penn State University. Her role has evolved on multiple occasions with MacuLogix, starting as Sr. Clinical Applications Specialist to Usability Research Manager. She is currently the Manager of Customer Service.

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