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MacuLogix Expands Campaign to Overcome Preventable Blindness

Dr. Damon Dierker joins a team of experts in the fight against AMD-related vision loss. 


MIDDLETOWN, PA, October 19, 2017– MacuLogix®, Inc., the only company to equip eye care professionals with the instrument, tools and education needed to effectively diagnose and treat patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), announces that Damon Dierker, OD, of Eye Surgeons of Indiana, has been appointed to the company’s Clinical Advisory Panel. This board of experts and industry leaders is led by MacuLogix Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Greg Jackson, PhD, and is tasked with educating the eye care community on the clinical standards by which eye care professionals can put an end to preventable blindness due to AMD-related vision loss.

“Studies have shown that as many as 78% of patients are first diagnosed with AMD having already suffered irreversible vision loss, and nearly half of them are first diagnosed with an acuity of 20/200 or worse,1,2” says Dr. Dierker. “We need to do better than this; yet as recently published peer-reviewed research reveals, optometrists and ophthalmologists currently fail to catch AMD at least 25% of the time.3

Dr. Dierker and fellow members of the MacuLogix Clinical Advisory Panel have been actively championing evidence-based standards of care that can change the fate of the aging population. The group strongly advocates adoption of standards outlined in a recently published report, titled “Practical Guidelines for the Treatment of AMD,” which clearly and succinctly delineates essential, practical steps that doctors can reference in every-day clinical practice.

“We are proud to welcome Dr. Dierker to our clinical advisory board. Dr. Dierker has tirelessly promoted an improved standard of care for patients with AMD,” says Dr. Jackson. “We are happy to join him in his effort to prevent unnecessary blindness attributable to today’s unacceptable lack of AMD diagnosis and treatment.”

The “Practical Guidelines for the Treatment of AMD,” is available free of charge for download.

About MacuLogix

MacuLogix, Inc. equips eye care professionals with the instrument, tools and education needed to effectively diagnose and treat patients with AMD. By leveraging the science of dark adaptation through its AdaptDx, MacuLogix is working to eliminate preventable blindness caused by AMD, a chronic, progressive disease that impacts over 170 million people worldwide and goes undiagnosed in 25 percent of patients. Through its AdaptDx dark adaptation biomarker, MacuLogix enables eye care professionals to detect, monitor and treat AMD three years before it can be seen clinically. MacuLogix provides in-practice training and treatment best practices to support the implementation and optimization of the AdaptDx.

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