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Enrichment Sessions: Customize Your Training!

Integrating the AdaptDx® tabletop into your workflow is the first step toward making the most of your investment. We can help you determine which Enrichment Sessions will benefit you and your team the most. Each of the sessions focuses on a specific area of practice management:


We will help you develop key performance indicators, set performance goals, and track your team’s progress toward a successful AdaptDx integration.

AMD Education

This program provides advanced education about the different disease states, staging guidelines, and treatment plan review for age-related macular degeneration

AMD Academy

Our AMD Academy® is a wonderful resource for staff and doctors. We will walk you through the site so you can explore all it has to offer.

Marketing and Social Media

Take advantage of a wide variety of marketing resources that can be used to promote your practice. These tools include patient education material, videos, public relations guide, press release template, website content, and so much more. Learn how you can access these to create a marketing plan for your AMD Center of Excellence®.

Integration, Workflow, and Scheduling

This is the who, what, where and when of integration. The PMC will walk you through patient identification, how to do a time study of your current workflow, and help you create a scheduling template to integrate AdaptDx Pro testing into your workflow.

AMD Business Analysis

We will teach you how to analyze your AMD practice to better monitor your progress.

AdaptDx Training

Schedule a live virtual session with a PMC for more hands-on training with your AdaptDx tabletop.

Q & A

This session provides time for you and your staff to ask questions.