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AdaptDx Pro Training

Audience: Technicians
Duration: 19 minutes



2 minutes 28 seconds

Find out what comes in the box with your AdaptDx Pro dark adaptometer.


Introduction to the New Device

2 minutes 15 seconds

In this video, you learn all about the device's onboard technician Theia™, how to use the controller, the importance of the disposable Comfort Guard™ eyecup covers, and much more!


Enabling WiFi

2 minutes 5 seconds

Connecting your device to wifi is important since it allows you to receive any updates for your software and to ensure your unit works as efficiently as possible. If you are unable to attach your AdaptDx Pro to WiFi, the device will still work properly but we recommend it to fully optimize your unit.


Navigating System Tools Screen

2 minutes 57 seconds

In this video, you'll learn how to navigate the AdaptDx Pro system tools screen. This interactive and intuitive user interface makes adoption quick and easy.


Selecting a Default Language

You have the option to select a language for audio that is different from the user interface screen, so that the patient can experience Theia in one language while the technician operates the device in another.


Installing Comfort Guards

2 minutes 50 seconds

Learn how to properly install and scan Comfort Guard™ hygienic eyecup covers for your AdaptDx Pro.


Selecting a Test

1 minute 1 second

In this training session, you'll learn how to select a test and to establish default settings on your AdaptDx Pro headset.


Using with a Patient

5 minutes 23 seconds

This video covers the cleaning procedure, Comfort Guard installation, helping patients fit the device properly, and testing instructions.