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AdaptDx Pro

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AdaptDx Pro Guided by Theia

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Expand your knowledge on dark adaptation testing and AMD with our online courses. We have content for doctors, technicians, and members of the staff – just select the one that is right for you to begin your learning journey:


We’ve compiled this collection of online materials to ensure your success as an eye care professional. These resources include a variety of items to optimize your practice as an AMD Center of Excellence® including:

AMD Excellence Program

Setting customers up for success is a priority at MacuLogix. To do that we created the AMD Excellence Program® which is a core component of every AdaptDx Pro® subscription. This program follows best practices for optimizing AMD care, that have been developed from our collaboration with eye care professionals across the country.

This program is supported by a team of Practice Management Consultants (PMC), each with years of industry experience. As your guide throughout the process, our PMCs get to know your practice so they can customize their training and advice to suit your needs. To get started, you can fill out the provided form to request one or more desired enrichment sessions: